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10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!

Thank you for your inspirational videos, Evan. I would have added, ‘Be grateful and show appreciation to others. I have practiced that in action and speech and you wouldn’t believe how many people in 2021 have told me how positively my comments have affected them. Being grateful for what people do for us directly or for people, in general, is something that should be appreciated even if it’s their job to do it. Many people are walking around believing that their life is worthless and their influence null. Not true. Put a smile on the face of someone who makes your life easier or more pleasant.

From this video, Evan, I would choose> 1. Have empathy 2. Stop whining 3. Pursue constant education and 4. Master computer skills (I was REALLY behind but finally just caught up via LinkedIn Learning). Have a great weekend!