WIX Website Builder

WIX Website Builder

14 Things You Need To Know Before Using WIX Website Builder
Start your own free WIX website now: http://bit.ly/newWIXwebsite
Full WIX website tutorial for beginners: https://youtu.be/RAFu_452pME

Table of Contents:
0:45 How Does Wix Work?
1:47 Will Wix Replace Website Developers?
2:42 Are Wix Websites Free?
3:37 Why Wix Is Bad?
5:07 Which Wix Plan Is Best?
7:20 Why Wix Is Good
8:19 Is Wix SEO Bad
9:14 How Many Sites Can You Have On A Wix
10:02 Can Wix Host My Domain
11:01 Wix Can I Change My Domain Name
11:13 Wix How To Unpublish Site
11:52 Wix Vs WordPress: Which Platform Is Best
13:25 Wix Without Domain
14:09 Wix Without Ads


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14 Things You Need To Know Before Using WIX Website Builder