4 Easy Tips to Get To The Trending Page on YouTube:

1.    Try To Get Attention:

Your retention rates may be made or broken by the first few minutes of each video you upload to YouTube. Ensure that the material that people will experience when watching the opening few seconds of your video is appropriately described in the video description. In addition, make sure that the initial few seconds of your video include an attention-grabbing hook that will encourage the consumer to continue viewing your movie. This boosts the amount of time that users spend watching your videos, which in turn raises your score on YouTube. You can also play around with bots that increase your average view time and views. We tested this youtube bot, which worked pretty well.

2.    SEO, SEO, SEO!


It cannot be emphasized enough how important search engine optimization is, particularly for increasing organic reach on YouTube. Carry out some study on keywords to ensure that you are utilizing the particular terms and phrases your intended audience is looking for online. Then, improve, maximize, and optimize! Include these phrases in your keywords, titles, descriptions, hashtags, and captions; however, avoid using them excessively. To put it another way, you shouldn’t try to cram as many relevant terms into the title of your YouTube video as you possibly can because doing so runs the danger of making the title sound awkward and unnatural.

3.    Add Overlays:


Overlays are little text bubbles that appear during a video. This content may be formatted as a clickable link, which works well with strong CTAs for your viewers, whether it’s subscribed to the channel, buying something, or seeing additional information on your website. Remember to include that CTA in the description box so the audience is reminded of the action you want them to do.

With a few tweaks to your channel and videos — and a focus on keywords and phrases — you’ll be well on your road to a highly discoverable, entertaining YouTube presence. Apply these methods for increased SEO, engagement, and views if you pay to be at the top of search rankings or strive for organic optimality.

4.    Follow Trends:


YouTube creators may attract viewers and rank on the search results page with the assistance of upcoming trends and long-tail keyword analysis. Both techniques can help creators understand what their audience is looking for. You should also devote time to the website and familiarize yourself with popular videos there. In due time, you’ll become capable of recognizing patterns. However, there is something you need to keep in mind on this matter: seeing patterns and making accurate predictions requires effort. Therefore, you must be prepared to put in some effort before seeing any results.