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Cloud Versus Shared Hosting: Is There A Clear Winner?

I guess it depends on your preference. Below we have left some information on each hosting solution. Cloud Hosting: The Basics Cloud hosting is when you gather computer resources from a host or provider. Cloud hosting works on one infrastructure(an example is when you use laaS). Normally, you might have all your information running across […]


Common Surface Pro Issues

The First Surface Pro When Microsoft rolled out its first Surface Pro, it was meant to be a tablet/ pc. Microsoft sold a separate attachable keyboard that gave users the ability to do work on the Surface. One of the Surface Pro’s most attractive qualities was the ability to work on the Microsoft Office Suite […]


AI and Everyday Life

Artificial intelligence is continuing to advance. Robots, personal assistants, and other technology are becoming more common and people are embracing modern technology. These are some ways that AI is having an impact on everyday life (see how Cody Moxam predicts AI influence will continue to grow).  Predicting the Weather Many people access weather information on […]


Reboot Your Body During Sleep With Hooded Blankets

The right blanket can keep you warm even when your house is cool. When the weather is cold outside and you feel a chill in your home, you should consider using a hooded blanket to get warm. If you do not have this type of blanket yet, you should consider the way that it works […]


Time, Money & Scope –  Bringing It All Together

Project management has, for decades, been the method by which companies and governments have used to bring together the multiple tasks associated with accomplishing one goal. Initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing are the five elements project team members must consider to achieve the overall goal of a project. Software is a tool project teams […]


Growing your social media influence Now Becomes Easier With Jarvee

People that want to grow their social media presence are going to benefit greatly from Jarvee. This is the platform that brings all of your social media accounts together. Automation You cannot be everywhere at once. If you do not have multiple social media accounts, it is going to be difficult to be effective without […]

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Get your own custom made airpod case!

Getting a custom made case Airpods are the most popular wireless earbuds out there; so of course there are many who want to custom the airpod case. Whether it be something personalized or just a picture of your favorite Disney character, there are so many options to choose from! So we are here to help […]


Top 3 Most Powerful SEO Backlink Strategies To Boost Web Page Ranking

Getting websites to rank well in search engines is the least frustrating when an administrator chooses the right SEO backlink strategy. Backlinks help websites rank well, enhance reputation, boost traffic, and improve communication. With so many options to try, it is a decision that warrants careful consideration and comparison analysis to make a sound investment. […]