Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 has been around for quite a while, but not many people are aware of the many improvements this new office suite includes.

The new version of the Office suite includes the same applications included in previous installments, but all of them have been renewed and include several new features that will make your work life more straightforward.

Here we describe five reasons why you should start using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 today.

1.  Fixed compatibility issues

One major issue that comes with a new program is the compatibility issues and bugs that appear as you continue using the app. However, you’ll be glad to know that most of the problems that were once part of the office suite are not a thing anymore.

Since the file format has not changed and the problems have been solved, you’ll be glad to hear that you’ll be able to keep using all the documents from previous Office versions in the new 2016 suite without problems.

2.  New interface

Office Professional Plus 2016 introduces us to the Colorful theme, which gives each app a different appearance based on its logo. This makes the whole program more appealing and visually pleasing, leaving the monotony of older Office versions behind.

Furthermore, you can change the “Office theme” tab color. For instance, it’s highly recommended to use the high-contrast Dark Gray choice if you have sight problems.

3.  There will be no support for older versions

All Microsoft products have an expiry date. There are two phases for this, “Mainstream” and “Extended.”

Mainstream support implies the phase where the app is still relatively new and continues to improve. On the other hand, Extended support is the phase where Microsoft starts monitoring different small issues, giving  “complimentary” updates to the program now and then. However, once this stage finishes, so will the software.

For instance, Office 2010 does not receive support anymore. Thus, if you still use it, we recommend you switch to the latest version as soon as possible.

4.  New collaboration tools

It’s easier to collaborate and co-author in real-time in Office. While previous versions lacked this essential feature, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional integrates it and takes collaboration to the next level. These real-time co-authoring features have become one of the primary focuses of this new Office version.

For instance, Team Workflow has been improved, and now you can see what other members are editing in a Ms. Word document or a Ms. Powerpoint presentation.

Furthermore, you will notice that the “Share” button now appears at the top right corner of the window. If you click on it, you will be asked if you want to save it to the cloud in two options, a OneDrive shared folder or maybe a SharePoint location. You can then give others access to edit or read the document.

5.  “Tell Me”

“Tell me what you want to do” is the new feature included in Office 2016, which follows the same premise of “Clippy.” You will be able to access this feature via the light bulb that appears in the ribbon. You’ll only be required to tell it what you’d like to do, and it will make you straightforward to that feature.

Web design companies are a crucial component in the success of your business. Business websites with excellent user experiences boost revenue by maintaining intuitive website navigation and attractive visuals.

Your site should be designed appropriately to prevent any fails that might cause prospects to bounce it off. You need to find an experienced web development Brisbane company that can help create trustworthy websites with all services from designing and marketing up, for your company’s success!

Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Agency For Your Business

Web design agencies offer several benefits for their clients. They can provide an online presence that builds trust with potential customers, optimize search engine listings and rank higher on SERPs (search engine result pages), and generate leads through social media marketing campaigns, which will increase your conversion rates.

Marketing Tactics

An agency provides various marketing strategies like giving promotions, discounts, and sales occasionally, which can help you gain the trust of potential customers. In addition, it employs a team of marketers, producers, and designers to help with marketing production and delivery.

SEO Ranking

Web design agencies employ in-house SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts who will write keyword-heavy content for your site to rank higher on Google searches for specific keywords. Consequently, you will get more visitors and increased profits.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Ensure that anytime someone visits your site from any mobile device, they will easily access the information they need using such tools as flip-board and Twitter feeds. It is swiftly becoming a critical component of any digital strategy, given how heavily people rely on their smartphones today.

Online Presence

A professional web design agency can help your company build a powerful and eye-catching online presence. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the agency can create a site for you with clean lines, captivating typography, stunning photos, and interactive graphics.

Effortless Navigation

A web agency can assist you in saving time by dividing navigations into categories by introducing drop-down menus. It will create ease for users and stop the fatigue that comes with searching endlessly throughout your website’s pages.

Customer Journey Mapping

A web design agency can consider the customer journey from the first dig they do on your site to eventual conversion – and how that journey affects your website.

Wireframing And Prototyping

Websites need to be functional, aesthetically compelling, and easy for visitors to navigate – all things that web designers consider when putting together your custom site. The process of designing a website includes:

  • Gathering information about the business.
  • Settling on which type of site will be best suited to its needs.
  • Eventually implementing this conceptual design in HTML code.

Bottom Line

Web design agencies are the best way to ensure that your website has a good user experience. They help businesses create a standout presence on the internet by developing an aesthetically pleasing layout, doing good SEO, and increasing user engagement.

As technology in the current world advances, the idea of streaming music has gained popularity. Spotify has emerged to be one of the best platforms in which users can stream music comfortably. How do musicians promote their songs on Spotify? It is not a one-day journey, but the following strategies can give you online visibility on Spotify.

Make a Perfect Playlist

Creating a playlist is the first step towards attracting potential listeners to your songs. Spotify users enjoy listening to songs of a similar genre at the same place. With this idea, creating a playlist guides the user to your collection. A playlist is created by gathering songs from different artists that relate to your genre. You should include a number of your pieces on the list, but this should be done carefully. It would be best to take in only two or three of your songs to avoid overloading the playlist. You should also include successful songs in your playlist to attract more listeners. Playlist offers Spotify users a chance to listen to your song. Users engage with your music as they listen to popular songs in your list.

Piggyback Popular Songs

This approach involves selecting your song titles that are similar to popular songs. The strategy sounds devious, but it is efficient. However, this should be done carefully to avoid copyright irregularities. Spotify is all about people searching for new songs and listening to their popular songs. Song titles do most searches. This means that tethering your song title with a popular song can direct listeners to your song. For instance, Savage Love by Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo x BTS ranks first in the Hot 100. Spotify users are currently using the keyword “savage in their search. You can take advantage and name your song savage or any title that has savage in it. This strategy can direct many Spotify users to your song, which can get you many fans. Spotify Promotion is a game, and it requires one to be always one step ahead.

Use Facebook Ads and Avail your music to different online Platforms

Spotify gives its users a chance to market their songs on Facebook. The process entails posting a Spotify link on your Facebook page. The link directs Facebook users to your piece on Spotify. Facebook has more than 2.6 billion as of 2020. This designates that Facebook is a platform that can enable you to reach a wide range of consumers. After promoting your songs, the next step is to ensure that they are readily available online. Some Spotify users have limited accounts that do not enable them to access all songs. Such users purchase songs online from different platforms. Some of the leading platforms where you can take your songs are Amazon and iTunes. Having your song on Spotify does not mean that your song is online. Making your song available on many online platforms is also a marketing strategy. It makes it easy for your songs to be recognized and purchased by consumers around the globe.

With the above strategies, you can comfortably market your song on Spotify. It is a no brainer, and it does not require one to be in a certain lander in the music career.

Artificial intelligence is continuing to advance. Robots, personal assistants, and other technology are becoming more common and people are embracing modern technology. These are some ways that AI is having an impact on everyday life (see how Cody Moxam predicts AI influence will continue to grow).

 Predicting the Weather

Many people access weather information on their smartphones or other smart device. AI is being used to provide a more accurate prediction of the weather. The software can get all of the information and data that is sent in to look at approaching weather and issue early warnings. Early warnings of harsh weather can help save lives and can even help prevent forest fires.

 Cleaning the Home

Many household appliances use AI to help clean the home. There are robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic mops, smart dishwashers and washers, and even robots that can mow the lawn. This will free up household chores for people that are already busy and will allow their home to still be clean.


AI is being used to help people in their travels. Cars now come with GPS so that a person can get directions to their location. They can be updated on traffic and they can find the easier route to their destination. Cars can play music by using Smartphones. If a person is in accident emergency services can be alerted by the car and the AI system. AI is even making cars safe. The cars have an automatic braking system that is controlled by technology. There are even cars that are learning how to drive themselves so a person can sit back and relax. All they need to do is sit behind the wheel and the car will do the rest.

 Home Security

Home security is improving thanks to the advances in AI. A person can monitor their home from any location. They can have a smart camera set up and will be able to watch their home from their smart device. They can also have a smart doorbell so they can see who is at the door before they answer it. A person can use smart locks to make sure their doors are locked when they are not home. They can turn the lock on from their smart device. They can even control the temperature of their home and lower the thermometer during the day to reduce the chance of a fire from a remote location.

These are some ways that artificial intelligence is having an impact on everyday life. Technology is making it easier for a person to accomplish simple tasks and is helping to make the everyday things in life easier.

Getting a custom made case

Airpods are the most popular wireless earbuds out there; so of course there are many who want to custom the airpod case. Whether it be something personalized or just a picture of your favorite Disney character, there are so many options to choose from! So we are here to help you out by telling you about some of the most popular airpod cases that people have been buying.


What kind of customization can you get?

When most people want something custom made it is usually something personalized. Such as their initials, their name, or even a picture of a loved one. There are several websites out there that you can go to for this. You can add a photo of you and your significant other, or of you and your friends, or even your pet! The possibilities are endless! Recently it seems Disney is becoming more popular with adults. And I mean why not? We miss those childhood days of sitting on the couch with our bowl of sugary cereal while watching our favorite Disney characters. Disney was a big part of most of our childhood, so why not bring into adulthood as well? You’re never too old for Disney! Another popular airpod case I have seen is a full body case of Stitch! Now you can carry your favorite little blue alien around with you! How could you not stare into those big adorable eyes without wanting to take him home?! Now if only they could make him talk! Speaking of taking aliens home, how about the cute little green ones from Toy Story? Yes they are on our list as well! For this one it’s only one of the aliens head as the case. With his big eyes looking up at you while he smiles. He definitely makes for a fun little accessory! If you want something a bit more simple you can always go for one of the cases with a fun or beautiful design. One case that is out of this world has the entire thing covered in a photo of the galaxy. Even the airpods themselves! For our last but certainly not any less popular case we have custom logos. Pick your favorite logo and they can slap it on the case for you. You can add your favorite sports team, your favorite super hero or villain, or even your favorite game logo! Pull that out and everyone will know who your rooting for.


Should you get a customized case?

Sure you can be like all the boring people with their blank cases or you can stand out and be unique! Besides, if you customize your case you won’t get it confused for your friend’s airpod case that they laid next to yours.

Japan is known for minimalism. However, when it comes to the West, is it really possible to downsize the way we live our lives? You may have watched Netflix featuring Marie Kondo. And maybe, you may have read about her in the reviews. But is it really that easy to pick things that “spark joy”? The point of the entire Netflix series is for people to realize that we hold on to things that we don’t need. We hold on to things mainly because we feel that we will be losing something if we have less in life.

This has been a common dilemma considering how consumeristic the world has become today. The good news is that it is really easy to just stick to the essentials. You can enumerate the things that you do and realize that we actually wasted our money on useless things. The good thing about decluttering is that you can actually clear your mind. You can have an easier time to think and find solutions to some of the pertinent questions that you have in life. You will actually be surprised that there are some things that we can live without.

Konmari Method gives you a deadline. This means that you don’t end up decluttering at an uncertain duration. Instead, you will be given a week or even a month to get rid of things that you need to get rid of. You will also be surprised that a lot of things that you don’t really need or like are kept in your home accumulating dust.