1.    Try To Get Attention:

Your retention rates may be made or broken by the first few minutes of each video you upload to YouTube. Ensure that the material that people will experience when watching the opening few seconds of your video is appropriately described in the video description. In addition, make sure that the initial few seconds of your video include an attention-grabbing hook that will encourage the consumer to continue viewing your movie. This boosts the amount of time that users spend watching your videos, which in turn raises your score on YouTube. You can also play around with bots that increase your average view time and views. We tested this youtube bot, which worked pretty well.

2.    SEO, SEO, SEO!


It cannot be emphasized enough how important search engine optimization is, particularly for increasing organic reach on YouTube. Carry out some study on keywords to ensure that you are utilizing the particular terms and phrases your intended audience is looking for online. Then, improve, maximize, and optimize! Include these phrases in your keywords, titles, descriptions, hashtags, and captions; however, avoid using them excessively. To put it another way, you shouldn’t try to cram as many relevant terms into the title of your YouTube video as you possibly can because doing so runs the danger of making the title sound awkward and unnatural.

3.    Add Overlays:


Overlays are little text bubbles that appear during a video. This content may be formatted as a clickable link, which works well with strong CTAs for your viewers, whether it’s subscribed to the channel, buying something, or seeing additional information on your website. Remember to include that CTA in the description box so the audience is reminded of the action you want them to do.

With a few tweaks to your channel and videos — and a focus on keywords and phrases — you’ll be well on your road to a highly discoverable, entertaining YouTube presence. Apply these methods for increased SEO, engagement, and views if you pay to be at the top of search rankings or strive for organic optimality.

4.    Follow Trends:


YouTube creators may attract viewers and rank on the search results page with the assistance of upcoming trends and long-tail keyword analysis. Both techniques can help creators understand what their audience is looking for. You should also devote time to the website and familiarize yourself with popular videos there. In due time, you’ll become capable of recognizing patterns. However, there is something you need to keep in mind on this matter: seeing patterns and making accurate predictions requires effort. Therefore, you must be prepared to put in some effort before seeing any results.

The metaverse is a virtual universe where anything is possible. The word comes from Meta (beyond) and Virtual (virtual reality). In other words, the metaverse is a digital world where users can interact with virtual objects, people, and places.


These digital objects are known as avatars, which are human-like digital representations of user identity. Think of it as combining the internet with VR. Here are the three things your need to know about metaverse.

How Do I Access The Metaverse?


The metaverse is not a physical place. It’s a digital space where users can create avatars and interact with other users. Most of the virtual world’s content is created by its users and various metaverse companies, while some content is shared by default. This means that your avatar can be in different places simultaneously. You can go to different places, talk to people, see things or go to other people’s worlds.


The Metaverse is accessed via a virtual computer called a Smartphone. The Smartphone can be connected to any number of devices in the real world, such as PCs, games consoles, and other gadgets. The phone can then connect the user to the Metaverse through the internet. This is usually known as “the Internet of Things”.

How Does The Metaverse Work?


The metaverse is a virtual world. The only way to enter the metaverse is through a VR headset. Metaverse has many headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR. Each headset has its specifications for use in the metaverse.

Once inside the metaverse, users can interact with digital objects connected to specific places within the metaverse. These digital objects are called avatars. Users can choose from various avatars depending on their interests and preferences. The avatar will appear as a 3D representation of the user in their own space. Users can then interact with other users and objects within their personal space.

Is It Safe To Be In The Metaverse?


It’s very safe to be in the metaverse. The metaverse is unlike Second Life, which was more of a virtual world. Metaverse is a virtual world where users create their own experiences, similar to what you would do in a video game. Users can create their avatars and interact with other users via various applications and programs.


This allows for many possibilities for interaction, such as meeting new people, going on adventures, shopping, or even playing games. One of the most popular applications is Second Life, where you can meet people from all around the world and make friends from all over the world.

We assure you that there isn’t a single person with a smartphone who does not know what TikTok is. Although they might not use the app, they know about the app. How did this happen? Let’s find out in this article.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short clip-sharing app that was initially released in China in 2016 under the name Douyin. The app is largely used for lip-syncing and dancing along to popular videos. ByteDance, the parent organization of TikTok, acquired Musical.ly, a music app in the United States, in 2017. Subsequently, the two apps were united into one and given the name TikTok. TikTok’s user base increased by 80 million when it merged with Musical.ly, making it one of the most popular apps in China and Asia, the United States, and Europe. Since its official release in 2018, TikTok has been downloaded 693 million times, and this number is expected to rise to 850 million in 2020. This threatens the market share held by other social media applications.

How It Amassed So Many Users?

After it has been played through once, the video for each TikTok lasts between 10 seconds and 3 minutes. The app provides a broad variety of tools for personalizing and merging these videos, such as the ability to record video with the user’s smartphone, import photographs from the internet, superimpose emojis, and other text on top of the video, and apply special effects. The app’s filter collection and video-distorting effects are like those found on Instagram, but they are designed specifically for use with video. The app’s meteoric rise to popularity may be attributed, in large part, to its many wacky features and tools; also, the users of the app are highly imaginative. As of now, you can upload just about any kind of content to TikTok.

How it All Started?

During early 2018 you might have seen some videos on Facebook or Instagram with a TikTok watermark and may be wondering what platform this video was made on. Well, that is the beginning of TikTok. Once you make a video, the uploaded video will be saved to the phone’s gallery. As a result, the users posted TikTok material on other social networks via mobile devices, and their TikTok clips were automatically watermarked with a TikTok logo. This enables them to market their TikTok account as well as the app to dedicated fans on any other social networking platform. It’s an excellent strategy to attract TikTok followers, in addition to TikTok volgers kopen, because other social media followers are already engaged with the brand.

Pneumatic cylinders are metal cylinders that use compressed air pressure and transform it into mechanical energy. Also termed as pneumatic actuators, you may find them in machinery and automated systems in almost every industry. The term pneumatics is derived from the Greek word pneumatikos. It is a combination of two words, breathe and wind, hence referring to air.

Let’s look at their classification and types

The categories and types of pneumatic cylinders

There is a piston inside the cylinder that the compressed air applies pressure on. As a result, the piston provides the work to convert the energy into motion for practical use. The resulting motion could be linear or rotary, making pneumatic cylinders a useful device and suitable for use in various instances.

Pneumatic cylinders are available in various sizes and designs to cater to different applications and process requirements.

They have two main categories; single-acting and double-acting pneumatic cylinders

Single-acting cylinders have one port, and force is applied on the piston from one end to control the movement. Once done, an external force like a spring causes it to return to its original position.

Double-acting cylinders have multiple valves, and they receive equal pressure causing the piston rod to move in two directions. When air is forced to enter into the cylinder, it pushes the cylinder in a particular direction. A different valve creates a vacuum pulling the piston in the opposite direction and causing the air to be removed.

As mentioned earlier, pneumatic cylinders are available in various sizes and perform various functions according to requirements. A few examples of commonly available siłowniki pneumatyczne or actuators are mentioned below.

The Profile and Tie-Rod cylinders

The tie-rod cylinders are the most common type of pneumatic cylinders. Their utility is mainly found in industrial automation. Tie-rod cylinders are durable, sturdy and long-lasting and can easily withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for the manufacturing industry. They are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum and available in a wide range of designs to facilitate in performing various functions across the industry.

The Round-body Cylinders

Available in single-acting and double-acting forms, round-body cylinders are suited for applications and processes that do not require a lot of force. They are easily customizable and quite cost-effective. Some round-body cylinders are made of stainless steel to withstand corrosion and causticity. There are also round-body cylinders with smooth, clean and hygienic surfaces designed to facilitate applications in hygienic environments such as the food and beverages industry.

The Compact cylinders

Their size may be small, but they are no less in power than the regular pneumatic cylinders. They are suitable for use in places where there is limited installation space. They are also available in single and double acting forms and can be mounted easily.

The Rod-less cylinders

As the name implies, the rod-less cylinders do not have a piston rod, so there is no risk of bending or the rod buckling under pressure. These two are short in size and can fit in small spaces. Many rod-less cylinders are integrated with design features such as load bearings to make them suitable for use in equipment bearing heavy loads on a repetitive basis.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 has been around for quite a while, but not many people are aware of the many improvements this new office suite includes.

The new version of the Office suite includes the same applications included in previous installments, but all of them have been renewed and include several new features that will make your work life more straightforward.

Here we describe five reasons why you should start using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 today.

1.  Fixed compatibility issues

One major issue that comes with a new program is the compatibility issues and bugs that appear as you continue using the app. However, you’ll be glad to know that most of the problems that were once part of the office suite are not a thing anymore.

Since the file format has not changed and the problems have been solved, you’ll be glad to hear that you’ll be able to keep using all the documents from previous Office versions in the new 2016 suite without problems.

2.  New interface

Office Professional Plus 2016 introduces us to the Colorful theme, which gives each app a different appearance based on its logo. This makes the whole program more appealing and visually pleasing, leaving the monotony of older Office versions behind.

Furthermore, you can change the “Office theme” tab color. For instance, it’s highly recommended to use the high-contrast Dark Gray choice if you have sight problems.

3.  There will be no support for older versions

All Microsoft products have an expiry date. There are two phases for this, “Mainstream” and “Extended.”

Mainstream support implies the phase where the app is still relatively new and continues to improve. On the other hand, Extended support is the phase where Microsoft starts monitoring different small issues, giving  “complimentary” updates to the program now and then. However, once this stage finishes, so will the software.

For instance, Office 2010 does not receive support anymore. Thus, if you still use it, we recommend you switch to the latest version as soon as possible.

4.  New collaboration tools

It’s easier to collaborate and co-author in real-time in Office. While previous versions lacked this essential feature, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional integrates it and takes collaboration to the next level. These real-time co-authoring features have become one of the primary focuses of this new Office version.

For instance, Team Workflow has been improved, and now you can see what other members are editing in a Ms. Word document or a Ms. Powerpoint presentation.

Furthermore, you will notice that the “Share” button now appears at the top right corner of the window. If you click on it, you will be asked if you want to save it to the cloud in two options, a OneDrive shared folder or maybe a SharePoint location. You can then give others access to edit or read the document.

5.  “Tell Me”

“Tell me what you want to do” is the new feature included in Office 2016, which follows the same premise of “Clippy.” You will be able to access this feature via the light bulb that appears in the ribbon. You’ll only be required to tell it what you’d like to do, and it will make you straightforward to that feature.

A phone or SMS spy app can be a useful tool if you want to keep track of the whereabouts, phone interactions and social activities of your child, your partner or the employees in your company. Let us understand what a phone or SMS spy app is and what it can do.

If you want to check someone’s phone and look at their messages or social media activities, the most straightforward way is to open their phone and have a look at it simply. However, it is only possible if you have the code for the phone. In an instance where the phone owner chooses to keep their phone locked to keep their information private, you may have to resort to other methods, and a spy app is just what you need.

These spying apps provide an easy solution to spy on texts easy and free or check their phone call logs. They can remotely monitor the activities on the targeted phone in terms of the phone call logs, text messages, pictures, audios and even videos.

There are two ways to use a phone or SMP spy app.

Use a spy app for free.

The first basic method you can adopt is to log on to the website of a spying app and just enter the number of the cellphone in question, and from thereon, you can access the basic phone data of the targeted number, including the call log, text messages, pictures, audios and videos etc.

The flipside of using most free services is that they come with an anti-bot system and require you to install a free app that is usually ad-based. However, on the plus side, you do not need to install any software on your phone or device and can get instant access to the phone’s data. At the same time, since the software is available online, you do not have access to any data offline.

Use a subscription-based spy app.

Another method you can use a spy app is to install a subscription-based service on your phone and remotely access the phone from your device to monitor the phone in question.

These subscription-based apps come without any restrictions, and you can use them without any hassle. The app can relay information to your device or account. Such apps are integrated with various advanced features; the most prominent feature is the possibility to locate the phone’s location through GPS trackers.

Another prominent feature of some apps is the ability to be able to listen in toto live calls or record conversations. These apps are equipped to activate the microphone and camera of the targeted phone and can also enable you to block incoming calls to maintain continuity of the tracking activity.

These easy-to-install apps are mostly compatible with iOS and Android phones and allow seamless connectivity. The spy apps are designed to recover deleted text messages as well if required. Moreover, in addition to the text messages, the spy app can track the phone user’s social media activities on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and even WhatsApp.

So, if you are suspicious of your partner’s activities, your child’s online activities or your employees’ engagements, a phone or SMS spy app is just what you need.

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How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos Yourself From Scratch

Today I’m showing how to make money on YouTube without making videos yourself from scratch. You can do this from any country in the world, and I’m going to show you YouTube channels that make over $13,000 a month doing this – simply reposting videos.

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Today I’ll show you step by step what it takes to make money on YouTube without creating videos. Well, at least without creating them yourself all the way from scratch.

In a nutshell, the idea is that you can take some videos that are royalty-free, and some music that is royalty free, and create your own video from them.

You see, YouTube have recently officially clarified their monetisation policy. And now they clearly state, in black and white, that royalty-free and creative commons videos are acceptable, and that you can monetize that content with YouTube ads.

So here today, I’m going to show you the full process of how to do exactly that. How to find great channel ideas, how to create the videos, and ultimately how to make money by simple reuploading (or reposting) the videos that are already available out there, with some modifications.


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Greg Kononenko
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WIX Tutorial For Beginners – Full Wix Tutorial (Step-by-Step Walkthrough)

Start Making Your Free WIX Website: http://bit.ly/newWIXwebsite

Table Of Contents:
0:00 Intro
0:21 Signing Up For WIX
0:45 Choosing The Website Industry
1:16 WIX ADI Or WIX Editor
2:06 Selecting A Website Template To Edit
6:00 How To Edit Different Website Pages
6:41 Changing Between Desktop And Mobile View
7:18 General WIX Website Buttons (Save, Preview, Publish)
7:45 Saving Your WIX Website Editing Progress
8:51 Previewing Your WIX Website
9:16 Publishing Your WIX Website
10:19 WIX Website Editor Tools
12:04 WIX Code (WIX Developer Tools)
12:57 WIX Website Help Center
13:38 WIX Website Pricing Plans Explained
16:28 Getting Your Own Website Domain
18:15 Best Types Of Website Names
20:02 Start Customizing Your WIX Template
20:17 Using WIX Editor “Add” Feature
20:47 Customizing Text Boxes
21:16 WIX Editor Undo/Redo Buttons
21:36 Changing Font Style And Size
21:47 Changing Font Color
22:56 Linking Any Website Text
23:58 WIX Website Buttons
24:11 Home Page Layout Optimization
24:50 Changing Button Text
25:10 Changing Website Background Image
27:21 Using WIX Editor “Anchors”
29:40 Buttons Linking To Pages
30:27 Changing Column Photos
31:05 WIX Website Services Preview
32:09 Social Media Links
32:36 WIX Website Contact Form
33:43 Grouping Items
35:05 WIX Live Chat
36:20 Editing WIX Website Pages
36:34 Hidden Pages Vs Visible Pages
37:14 Adding Website Pages
37:51 Editing Newly Added WIX Pages
38:45 Moving Big Page Elements
39:19 Making Website Page Longer To Fit More
41:00 Editing WIX Website Slideshows
41:37 Changing The Design Of WIX Elements
42:56 WIX App Market
44:11 Free Vs Paid Website Apps
45:12 Publishing Your WIX Website
46:08 Linking Your Logo To Homepage
47:17 How To Properly Use WIX Website Copyright Symbol

This WIX tutorial for beginners will help you make a WIX website today!

This WIX tutorial is great for beginners because it goes over every step in detail and does not breeze past topics too quickly.

Everyone who wants to succeed in any form of business needs a web presence, and the core staple of a web presence is a website. Between all the website building options (WIX, Squarespace, WordPress etc.) WIX is by far the easiest and most affordable.

Although this WIX tutorial is detailed, you’ll be able to create your first WIX website within a couple hours by following along with this video.

After watching other YouTube videos covering WIX tutorials for beginners, it seemed that they were either too fast, or not detailed enough. My goal with this WIX tutorial is to make it easy for beginners to make their first website by covering each step at a reasonable pace and in chronological order.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive WIX tutorial for beginners, I think this video will be the best resource available and will allow you to make a WIX website fast.

Let me know if you have any questions about making your first WIX website in the comments.

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Wix Tutorial


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Your video was very instructive, thanks for sharing all this knowledge. I just started on Wix this weekend and I am quite happy with the results. I have one issue thought that I cannot figure out 🙁 I used a blanc template and I am stocked with navigation arrows on my home page (left and right) of the screen that I cannot remove. I do not want these arrows as I have a very simple top menu. Do you think it is something that I cannot change because I started from a template ?