Common Surface Pro Issues

The First Surface Pro

When Microsoft rolled out its first Surface Pro, it was meant to be a tablet/ pc. Microsoft sold a separate attachable keyboard that gave users the ability to do work on the Surface. One of the Surface Pro’s most attractive qualities was the ability to work on the Microsoft Office Suite and save directly to Microsofts OneDrive cloud. This was great for people who work needed Microsoft office. However, there where several issues with the first Surface. The first was the inability to install some apps and install a different browser. This probably stems from Microsoft using the then-new Windows RT OS, which wasn’t compatible with many apps. There have been several iterations of the Surface Pro since it was initially launched, and each new surface has its own sets of issues.

The Following Surface Pros-3,4,5

Either Microsoft had many complaints on the previous operating system, or they decided to listen to customers because the following iterations of the Surface Pro had the normal Windows operating system installed. The ease of use with Microsoft Office stayed the same and the tablet had a USB port, micro SD card reader, and a mini display port. The attachable keyboard is pricey and sold separately, but a user could easily use a less expensive Bluetooth keyboard instead. Overall the Surface Pro is a good tablet except when you are one of the people that experience some of the issues that have occurred.

The Surface Pro 4 customers saw several problems with their tablet; thankfully, many are now resolved. Many Surface Pro 4 users had trouble using their tablets due to a flickering screen. Microsoft has issued an update that has fixed this issue. This is the only problem that needed an update to fix it. Other Surface Pro 4 issues were mostly issues due to unknowingly changing a setting or locking out a screen, which can be easily fixed. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and 6 had an issue with the battery draining while the device was turned off. This was a result of a firmware update that was intended to improve battery life. This issue also plagued the Surface Pro 3. Unfortunately the issue persists.

The Later Surface Pro-6 through x

There are reports of the Surface Pro 6 experiencing CPU throttling, Wi-fi connectivity problems, and some screen issues. The battery drainage issue continues despite new updates. The SP 3 battery drainage problem was solved with a firmware update but it seems like a new update has caused the same battery drainage problem again. And is, in fact, responsible for the CPU and wi-fi problems plaguing the Surface Pro 6. The Surface Pro x is Microsoft’s latest version. It is a thinner and lightweight detachable 2 in 1 tablet that held a lot of promise but still continues to have issues. The Surface Pro x has compatibility issues because of its Arm processor, which can’t run 64-bit x86 apps made for the intel core processor that comes in the Surface Pro x. This is a major problem because you can’t be certain that an app that you need for work will function on the Surface Pro x.

If you broke your Surface Pro or have some damage that is just out of your own skillset, you can read more about how to get your surface pro repaired here.