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STOP using WordPress in 2021! (6 Best Alternatives)

STOP using WordPress


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In this video, I share 3 reasons why you should stop using WordPress for your website in 2021, along with my 6 best WordPress alternatives for specific use cases like Ecommerce, SEO/blogging, affiliate marketing, online courses, and more.

Timestamps for video:
0:56 – Reasons why I’m quitting WordPress
1:08 – Reason #1: Maintenance
2:41 – Reason #2: Lack of performance and security
5:48 – Reason #3: Lack of innovation / product development / too much of a learning curve for non-technical people
7:06 – The 6 Best WordPress alternatives
7:25 – 1. E-commerce
8:34 – 2. SEO / blogging / affiliate marketing
11:16 – 3. Simple brochure/portfolio site with drag-and-drop editing
12:16 – 4. Online courses / membership sites
12:57 – 5. Internet marketing funnels
13:40 – 6. Web designers
14:51 – Conclusion

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I am a website developer/designer/coder; and I still love WordPress. I can only see these issues as relevant to people who want to maintain a website without expert experience. I would never go back to building a website 100% from scratch_ too many pages and too much coding. Drag and drop builders use more code than necessary and this causes slower performance. There is no other platform that has every thing you can imagine a website needs. So, yes, if you are not a professional developer and can’t afford to pay a professional, I can see why you want to look for something easy is your objective. As developers, learning is a part of our job. So, the learning curve is to be expected. I can’t stand looking at poorly coded websites and did not hear any issues that are real problems. I still stand by WordPress. It made our lives easier as web-developers, and there is nothing to compare to it.