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Video Conferencing Makes Life Easier

Technology is booming in the 21st century, businesses can now have meetings from the comfort of their living room. Video conferencing has made networking easier and allows business partners to be more accessible to their colleagues and customers.


Zoom is a video conferencing site that companies, law firms, teachers, medical professionals, and business corporations use to set up meetings. Students from kindergarten to twelfth grade can sign up using an email or with their parents for the younger students.

It’s available in an app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Apple. Users need to register with their email before setting up a meeting or to participate in one. Zoom offers a waiting room where individuals can remain until they’re called into the meeting. Participants will need to turn on the waiting room button to gain access to it.


Skype is another way people can communicate through video conferencing or just to talk with friends. It’s a fast and easy software to use and is already installed on most laptops or desktops before purchasing. Group meetings can be shared through Skype with up to 50 people at a time. People can participate with friends, co-workers, or have professional business meetings that will bring employees together perhaps better than ever before.



Microsoft has nearly 44 million users every day. It allows screen sharing with apps on smartphones. Microsoft offers video conferencing and conversation through video. Participants can use video-sharing and whiteboards to ensure their meetings are visible and that audio is heard. It also offers inline transcription and calendars to schedule meetings.

These are the top four video conferencing solutions on the market in today’s business world. Companies depend on them to deliver the best audio and visual meetings available to their employees and customers. Video conferencing is making a huge difference for businesses because people can do video conversations from their homes.

Conferencing Advisors

Conferencing Advisors is based in San Clemente, CA and offers cost effective video conferencing solutions to respective business clients. They shine with great customer support and a full installation service as well as onsite support. So if you’re looking for a well-managed service then Conferencing Advisors might just be up your alley. In addition, you can get discount on your order by visiting CouponCutCodes.com.

Join Me

Join Me is a software used for generating meetings. It has the ability to have 10 videos displayed at once. If more people want to be added simply tap the +More sign and add different people to the meeting or conversation. Join Me offers free plans as well as affordable plans. Individuals can display 10 videos at one time. There’s a whiteboard feature that is available on iPhone and iPad devices. Users will be able to take pictures of the spacious whiteboard and everyone will be able to view them. The whiteboard feature also enables people to share to social media, save as a PDF and JPG, and update and save it at any time. The whiteboard allows meetings to run smoother and brings people together faster.