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WIX Tutorial For Beginners – Full Wix Tutorial (Step-by-Step Walkthrough)

WIX Tutorial For Beginners – Full Wix Tutorial (Step-by-Step Walkthrough)

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Table Of Contents:
0:00 Intro
0:21 Signing Up For WIX
0:45 Choosing The Website Industry
1:16 WIX ADI Or WIX Editor
2:06 Selecting A Website Template To Edit
6:00 How To Edit Different Website Pages
6:41 Changing Between Desktop And Mobile View
7:18 General WIX Website Buttons (Save, Preview, Publish)
7:45 Saving Your WIX Website Editing Progress
8:51 Previewing Your WIX Website
9:16 Publishing Your WIX Website
10:19 WIX Website Editor Tools
12:04 WIX Code (WIX Developer Tools)
12:57 WIX Website Help Center
13:38 WIX Website Pricing Plans Explained
16:28 Getting Your Own Website Domain
18:15 Best Types Of Website Names
20:02 Start Customizing Your WIX Template
20:17 Using WIX Editor “Add” Feature
20:47 Customizing Text Boxes
21:16 WIX Editor Undo/Redo Buttons
21:36 Changing Font Style And Size
21:47 Changing Font Color
22:56 Linking Any Website Text
23:58 WIX Website Buttons
24:11 Home Page Layout Optimization
24:50 Changing Button Text
25:10 Changing Website Background Image
27:21 Using WIX Editor “Anchors”
29:40 Buttons Linking To Pages
30:27 Changing Column Photos
31:05 WIX Website Services Preview
32:09 Social Media Links
32:36 WIX Website Contact Form
33:43 Grouping Items
35:05 WIX Live Chat
36:20 Editing WIX Website Pages
36:34 Hidden Pages Vs Visible Pages
37:14 Adding Website Pages
37:51 Editing Newly Added WIX Pages
38:45 Moving Big Page Elements
39:19 Making Website Page Longer To Fit More
41:00 Editing WIX Website Slideshows
41:37 Changing The Design Of WIX Elements
42:56 WIX App Market
44:11 Free Vs Paid Website Apps
45:12 Publishing Your WIX Website
46:08 Linking Your Logo To Homepage
47:17 How To Properly Use WIX Website Copyright Symbol

This WIX tutorial for beginners will help you make a WIX website today!

This WIX tutorial is great for beginners because it goes over every step in detail and does not breeze past topics too quickly.

Everyone who wants to succeed in any form of business needs a web presence, and the core staple of a web presence is a website. Between all the website building options (WIX, Squarespace, WordPress etc.) WIX is by far the easiest and most affordable.

Although this WIX tutorial is detailed, you’ll be able to create your first WIX website within a couple hours by following along with this video.

After watching other YouTube videos covering WIX tutorials for beginners, it seemed that they were either too fast, or not detailed enough. My goal with this WIX tutorial is to make it easy for beginners to make their first website by covering each step at a reasonable pace and in chronological order.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive WIX tutorial for beginners, I think this video will be the best resource available and will allow you to make a WIX website fast.

Let me know if you have any questions about making your first WIX website in the comments.

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